Crack NEET 2025
Under The Mentorship
of Dr. Balaka Maji

Mentorship Overview

NEET Pressure Mentor

  • Personalised Syllabus (one or many chapters of PCB) for each week prescribed according to learner’s pace & weak areas
  • Premier Study Resources selected for the prescribed syllabus
  • At the end of the week, 720-Mark Test conducted in original OMR (conducted online as well as offline)
  • OMR Evaluated and weaker areas identified
  • Solution Sheet provided & 1:1 Doubt Assistance

All the while maintaining a humane approach to our clients.

Dedication to adopting the latest technological solutions enables us to understand the needs of entrepreneurs and corporations whose core business.

Ahir Bhattacharjee

Class 12 Student
I'm much more clear about my life and the career to choose. It helped me to choose better so that my time isn't wasted!

Sargik Kundu

Class 11 Student
I'm personally very much satisfied here. My main focus is the NEET exam for which I got guidance here. I'm very satisfied.

Swapnanil Das

Class 12+ Student
Arup Sir guided me with some NCERT API tests which consisted of 7 API tests in 10 minutes and which were perfect tests to test a student's mind.

Aniket Chowdhury

Class 12+ Student
Discussions with Arup Sir made my mind & vision clear & also helped me to be independent. Thank You!

Who Can Join Us?

Class 11

Class 12


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